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10 Developers You Should Follow On YouTube Right Now

10 Developers You Should Follow On YouTube Right Now

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Tekane Chaitanya
Jul 22, 2021

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In this blog post, I have listed 10 developers which you should follow on YouTube right now to be updated regularly. All these developers have built a solid reputation for developing and sharing quality content about all things related to web development. You will find videos on React, Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJs, AWS, Vue, Django, Bootstrap, MaterialUI and many more.

Are you just a beginner in web development, don't worry, all these developers will help you throughout your web journey.

So, Let's Get Started

  1. The Net Ninja Screenshot (416).png
  2. Traversy Media Screenshot (418).png
  3. Code with Ania Kub贸w Screenshot (421).png
  4. Clever Programmer Screenshot (421).png
  5. Web Dev Simplified Screenshot (423).png
  6. Eddie Jaoude Screenshot (427).png
  7. Coder Coder Screenshot (429).png
  8. Dennis Ivy Screenshot (431).png
  9. James Q Quick Screenshot (433).png
  10. Programming with Mosh Screenshot (435).png

All these above listed developers are awesome, all they provide quality content. If you are beginner in web development then you can get started with help of these.

Hope, you liked this!

Let me know, who is your favourite?

Let's Get Connected 馃:)

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